Jul 9, 2010


It's as if you didn't exist. If he doesn't know who you are, nothing else matters. You need him. You breathe for him. You live for him. But he don't even know that you exist. You aren't his favorite girl. And you aren't his baby. And in the bottom of your heart, you know that. But you don't want to believe. Because you love him so much
It's as if you did not exist, it is as if you were invisible. But you sleep thinking of him and you wake up thinking of him. Sometimes you want to be him, you cry for him. You get extremely happy when you read or see something about him. Sometimes you just need to hear his voice to be happy. And you know all those songs weren't written for you, it hurts you so much. But you don't get tired of hearing these songs. You need to hear them, because you love them. Do you think one day he will love you and be yours. But you know that is almost impossible, that is far from possible and this is the worst feeling you have. But you love him and would do anything for him. Anything. And suffering is included in the 'anything'. But it is suffer for love, this is love. But you feel so good loving him, even this way. You feel alive. You'll never give up and will never say never. And when he smiles, you smile.

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